In Full Bloom: What Is April’s Birth Flower?

If you were born in the fourth month of the year, you might be interested to know what April’s birth flower is. Well, there are actually two birth flowers – Daisy and Sweet Pea! Find out what these flowers are and what they could mean to you!

Primary Flower Of April: Daisy

Primary Flower Of April Daisy

The daisy is one of the most popular flowers on Earth. Even if you don’t know much about flowers, chances are you have seen it before. You can’t miss it because it’s a common sight.

This pretty flower got its name from the word dægesege. It’s an Old English term that means “day’s eye”. This flower type belongs to the Asteraceae family and has about 23,000 different species. Despite the various species of daisies, here are some of the most common daisies that you would see:

  • Common Daisy (Bellis perennis)
  • Shasta daisy (Leucanthemum × superbum)
  • Gerbera daisy (Gerbera jamesonii)
  • African daisy (Dimorphotheca ecklonis)

Daisies have been around since ancient times. It’s known for its medicinal and health benefits. Ancient Romans and Egyptians used it to treat wounds, relieve pain, and so much more.

Apart from the many interesting benefits, this flower symbolizes motherhood and purity. It also marks beginnings in life, including the birth of a new child. There are also other meanings, depending on the color of the daisy.

A yellow daisy is to cheer you or someone else up, bringing brightness into any situation. A pink one is all about platonic love and friendship. The orange daisy is also a good representation of joy and friendship. If you have a red daisy, this ignites love and romance.

Personality Check: What Does A Daisy Say?

Personality Check What Does A Daisy Say

If daisy is your birth flower, don’t be surprised if you have a cheerful spirit and disposition. Your smile radiates, affecting those around you. You might not realize it, but it brightens any space you are in.

You are also about positivity. And that’s something that draws people in. They know you are full of hope and optimism.

And they can always put their unwavering trust in you. Whatever comes your way, you know you will get through it. You are also always up for an adventure! You aren’t afraid to take the plunge and have the time of your life wherever you might be.

Best Time To Plant A Daisy

Best Time To Plant A Daisy

If you want daisies in your garden or lawn, you can plant them on your own. The best time to do so depends on when you want to see them bloom.

If you want to be surrounded by beautiful daisies during spring, you should plant them before winter ends. If you want daisies to be your flower of choice for the fall season, you must start by summer’ end.

The winter months might be cold and dreary, but if you wish for daisy blooms to cheer you up, consider planting them as soon as fall starts.

Consider the time of day to plant these flowers. Do it when the sun is not shining in full force yet, perhaps early in the morning. Late afternoon is also a good time.

Now that you know when the best times to plant these lovely flowers are, don’t forget to mark your calendar!

Growing And Caring For A Daisy

Growing And Caring For A Daisy

Whether you plant daisies in a pot or a garden, it needs some sunshine to grow and bloom. Daisies should be getting full sun, but if it’s not possible, a few hours a day will do.

Preparing the soil where the daisies will be planted is crucial. These flowers adapt to almost all kinds of soils, except extremely wet ones. Choosing the best soil is key, so your daisies will grow and bloom well.

Daisies are easy to care for. When it gets hot or dry, all you have to do is water them. Pruning them also helps their growth. It is usually done only once a year. Your daisies will look cleaner and have more room for growth if you get rid of the overgrowth and other dangling parts.

Nourishing your daisies will also result in healthy and beautiful blooms. There are many organic options you can use, like manure or fertilizers.

If the daisies in your garden have grown taller than you would have expected, you can always use a stake to support them.

Secondary Flower Of April: Sweet Pea

Secondary Flower Of April Sweet Pea

Sweet pea is such an endearing way to call someone. And it also happens to be one of the birth flowers for April.

It is a flower that belongs to the Fabaceae family. The more common term for this is the legume or pea family. And while some members of this plant family are edible, the Sweet Pea is not one of them. No matter how charming these flowers are, they contain toxins that are harmful to humans.

The Sweet Pea’s origin can be traced to the Mediterranean area, particularly in the Southern regions of Italy. Its growth is dependent on where you live. If you live in a part of the world where the summer months are cooler, you will see these flowers between the spring and fall months.

This fragrant flower symbolizes bliss and pleasure. It was one of those flowers that were popular during the Victorian era. It’s also a good symbol of friendship and gratitude. If you want to express your thanks to someone and say goodbye, give them some Sweet Peas!

What A Color Means For A Sweet Pea

What A Color Means For A Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea flowers come in various colors. In the past, many believed that purple and blue Sweet Pea was the standard color of this flower. However, discoveries were made, revealing other colors of this type of flower.

Love is in the air if you have red Sweet Peas! Let your romance and passion burn up with these flowers.

If you want to make someone happy, give them those dainty pink Sweet Peas. A white Sweet Pea is a flower that symbolizes peace. One look at these white flowers, and you will see how pure it is. It’s no surprise if you see these at weddings.

If you want to express how loyal and proud you are, opt for the purple version of this flower.

Sweet Pea: More Than Just A Flower

Sweet Pea More Than Just A Flower

Apart from its charm and allure, the Sweet Pea has a delightful and intoxicating smell. You might have come across perfumes and body lotions with this floral scent. Some people even use this flower as their air freshener because of its natural smell.

If you want to drive flies and other insects away, you can always take advantage of the Sweet Pea’s scent. The fragrance of this flower overwhelms these creatures, leading them to fly away.

If you have a trellis, you will love the Sweet Pea flowers. Since it’s a climbing plant, it will make its way up your trellis, adding more style, flair, and support.

Some cultures have been using Sweet Pea for various purposes like food and medicine. As mentioned before, this flower contains toxins. So it’s better to avoid using it for whatever reason.

The Sweet Pea is more than just a beautiful flower in your garden. It easily attracts bees, thus helping in the pollination process. It’s a win for the bees and other flowers in your garden!

Planting Season For Sweet Pea

If you are in a warmer place, Sweet Pea should be planted during the fall. By the succeeding seasons, you will have gorgeous Sweet Pea flowers adorning your garden. In the colder areas, spring is the ideal time to plant Sweet Pea. A few weeks before planting on the ground, you can grow the seeds indoors.

Some Sweet Pea varieties bloom late. If that’s the case, you will see them even in the summer. It will take about four weeks or more for the plant to grow. And it will take three to four months for the first blooms to appear.

A Guide To Growing Sweet Pea

A Guide To Growing Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea flower seeds take forever to germinate. So if you want to speed the process up a little bit, you can soak the seeds in water. This tip only works if you plan to plant the seeds the next day.

If you are planting the non-busy type Sweet Pea, you need a trellis. It’s better to prepare this before your planting session. Once your Sweet Pea starts growing, it would be difficult to set the trellis up.

The vines will be all over the place. If you want to keep everything stable, you need to add mulch on the soil. It helps stop the roots of the flower from drying up. It also stops mildew from infesting the base of the plant.

Your Sweet Peas need sunshine and water. If they aren’t getting enough, you might not be able to see the flowers bloom at all.

Blooming In April

Knowing April’s birth flowers is a great opportunity for you to be inspired by what they represent. You can blossom into a fascinating and pleasant person in different seasons, just like Daisy and Sweet Pea!

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