What Flowers Represent Friendships?

Do you have trouble deciding what flower to choose for your friend? Flowers are much more significant than their attractiveness. They are beautiful, just as friendships are meant to be.

Each indicates a layer of meaning true friendships are built upon. Flowers, with their beautiful colors and fragrances, help communicate your emotions in ways words cannot express. Here are some popular flowers and what they represent.  

Roses For Love

If you are looking for how to express your love to your friends, roses are your go-to. The yellow and pink roses are usually associated with friendship, while the red rose symbolizes romance. Generally, the rose symbolizes true love, passion, desire, gratitude, the joy of life, grace, and success. Rose, one of the oldest and most popular flowers, has become synonymous with love. From the Rosaceae family, the rose’s history dates far back to 35 million years, with about 250 species spread across the globe. The oldest living rose is said to be a thousand years old, which explains why it is regarded as one of the oldest flowers to be known. Here are some facts you should know about roses. 

  • Roses are edible. Aside from its aesthetic nature, you can eat roses. Soaking rose petals in the water turns them into jellies used in a jam.
  • Roses have aromatic floral scents used in many perfumes today. There is also the rose oil extracted primarily from roses. 
  • Each rose color has a different meaning. You don’t want to give a black rose to your best friend on her birthday. So, it’s important to know what each rose color stands for. The popular rose color for friendship is pink and yellow.

Yellow roses, with their vibrant color, symbolize friendship and associated feelings such as warmth, cheerfulness, affection, and care. Pink roses are also associated with friendship in a more feminine way. The fact that yellow and pink are easily relatable to friendship doesn’t limit the range of colors from which you can pick. You can give a blue rose to a friend sitting for an exam, a green rose to a friend who just gave birth, or orange rose to a friend on their graduation day. The list is endless. What matters is to pick the right color of rose that communicates your emotions to your friends.

Alstroemeria for Connection

Also known as Peruvian Lily, wild Orchids, and Inca Lily, Alstroemeria is easily relatable with friendship as it is attributed to devotion, support, survival, and following your dreams.

It is fascinating because of its various colors, and it blooms and flourishes from June to August as it is hard for it to survive during the freezing seasons. The name Alstroemeria was given by Klaus Alstromer, a Swedish Baron and friend of its first founder, Karl Linea. 

Flowers are known to carry secret messages, and Alstroemeria isn’t an exception. It symbolizes friendship and a mutual connection between two people. The good thing about Alstroemeria is its versatility, as its symbolism is not limited to romance.  As it comes in different colors, it has several color-specific meanings. 

  • White

As white is generally a symbol of purity, white alstroemeria symbolizes pure friendship and relationship between two people. It can also be used to communicate sincerity and transparency between friends. 

  •  Yellow

The yellow color on its own is typically associated with friendship. Yellow Alstroemeria symbolizes energy and can be associated with enthusiasm, optimism, and joy. 

  •  Pink 

Pink Alstroemeria is a color for mild emotions of love and romance. It can be used to indicate interest in someone. 

  • Orange

Orange  Alstroemeria emphasizes positive energy. It can also help awaken such positivity in whoever it is gifted. 

  • Red

It is common knowledge that red symbolizes love. Red Alstroemeria symbolizes love, passion, and romance. A red Alstroemeria is perfect to be shared between partners. 

  • Purple

Give purple alstroemeria to friends that are unique, elegant, and graceful. It’s a perfect choice for besties. 

In light of the meanings of the various colors of Alstroemeria, it would be a great idea to give any to a friend who has been with one through all the thick and thin. 

Sunflowers for Warmth And Memories

Sunflowers make you think of the sun and reminisce about summer days. Their radiant yellow petals, also known as rays, bring to the fore the warm and sweet excitement of summers no matter the season. They also symbolize loyalty, love, and admiration. They don’t communicate deeper romance as red roses do but are perfect for congratulating friends. 

The history of sunflowers can be traced to 1000 B.C. in America. Since then, it has served as both decoration and food. According to Greek mythology, there was once a water nymph called Clytie, also known as Clytia. She fell in love with Apollo, the sun, who did not reciprocate her love. After several days of futile attempts, she turned into a sunflower and faced the sun’s direction, hoping that her love would be reciprocated one day. 

Sunflowers inspire positive emotions; they are joy givers. Every petal, the alk, and seed of a sunflower has a story to tell. 

  • A bouquet of sunflowers represents a close-knitted friendship that will last.
  • The brilliant yellow petals reminisce the exciting memories shared by friends.
  • The long stalks describe friends that stick together no matter the distance. 
  • Its myriad of seeds symbolizes many gains of true friendship. 

Zinnia for Enduring Friendship

Zinnia is most commonly associated with friendship.  It was named after Johann Gottfried Zinn, a botany professor and the first person to write a description about it. It also indicates affection or everlasting love, compliments, remembrance, and tribute. 

As a compliment or acclaim, the flower’s round and beautiful petals are enchanting. Besides its aesthetic qualities, it can survive under harsh conditions. 

When you give this flower to a friend, you might be commending their beauty, strength, or resilience. In terms of friendship, Zinnia celebrates remarkable friendships that can stand the test of time.

Zinnia represents affection or long-lasting love. It’s a way of showing your friends how much they mean to you.

Often, Zinnia is used to convey remembrance and tribute. Whether a loved one is dead or separated by geographical distance, Zinnia is used to express that someone is missed.

Like several other flowers, Zinnia has various names depending on the size and colors, each of which has meaning.

  • The red Zinnia flower is used to communicate passion and long-lasting love. You are committed to seeing the friendship blossom when you gift a red Zinnia.
  • Fuschia or pink Zinnia flower conveys platonic love, the kind we have towards our family and friends.
  • When you want to wish someone long-lasting health and strength, send a zinnia flower. 
  • Green Zinnia means nature, growth, or a new start. You can send a zinnia flower to a  friend to indicate your wish to see them grow.
  • Other colors of Zinnias include yellow – warmth, purple – love between soul mates, and white – love that transcends the physical.

Chrysanthemums for Celebrating Friendships

Surprisingly, both the general and scientific names of chrysanthemum are the same. The name chrysanthemum comes from two Greek words,  ‘Chrysos’ – gold, and ‘Anthemon,’ – flower. It is also known as mums. 

Beyond its beauty, mums also signal friendship, trust, loyalty, devotion, love (romantic and platonic), energy, and a few more. What mums indicate varies culturally and geographically. In Victorian cultures, it is basically to celebrate friendship. 

The flower comes in various colors, such as orange, pink, purple, red, white, and yellow. Each of these has its distinct meaning. Red and pink mums are the best picks as they relate to friendship and love. While yellow mums signify joy and happiness, white mums signify purity, innocence, and spirituality. 

Chrysanthemums are used during celebrations such as weddings, birthdays, baptisms, and new beginnings. They are perfect gifts for friends who just passed through a hurdle or achieved a feat. 

If you have a friend recovering from an illness or unpleasant event, you can send them mums to wish them a quick recovery. You can also gift those whose birth month is November as it is regarded as a November birth plant. Furthermore, it is the 13th wedding anniversary flower. 

Ivy For Attachment

Although Ivy is not regarded as a flower traditionally, it is now regarded as one because of its pattern-shaped leaves in the form of hearts or lobes.

 You can give your friend an ivy to show how much they mean to you. It symbolizes fidelity, tenacity, strength, endurance, and vitality. In terms of its tenacity, it is evergreen and doesn’t let go of whatever it holds on to too easily. On a deeper level, ivy symbolizes faithfulness, commitment, and attachment, all indicative of friendship. 

Do you have that friend with whom you’ve come a long way and has become inseparable? You might consider giving them Ivy. It’s saying you have faith in your friendship and will stick with them forever. 


Now that you know some popular flowers representing friendship, you should be excited to start picking the right flowers to mirror your heart to your friends. However, asides using flowers to appreciate your friends, remember you have to put in some effort for such friendships to bloom. Friendship is a beautiful thing when done rightly. If you have good friends, hold them tight!

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