14 Flowers With Long Lifespans (with Pictures)

Flowers are never out of style. Whatever the time or period, floras can make for good gifts. It cannot only excite the receiver but the giver too. Givers are often presented with many fun choices when building this gift.

If you have ever given someone a posy, you likely know the joy of mixing and matching flowers based on color, size, and maybe, even meaning! However, there is one more thing to consider – their lifespan.

So, what flowers last the longest? Well, let’s look at some long-lasting blooms today!

1. Roses


The rose is one of the flowers you commonly see in bouquets. Why the rose is a popular choice for such is no secret. It is a beauty and has become a widely accepted symbol of love.

However, that is not the only reason it is such an ideal bloom to give to a loved one. The rose can last around one to two weeks if cared for properly. It is a bloom that will not leave the recipient fast.


2. Lilies


As we have said, you commonly see roses in bouquets. If you want something not as common but still familiar, you might want to consider lilies.

Bouquets made of lilies are stunners. They’re simple but also showy. However, that is not the only reason the lily is an ideal choice. Like roses, lilies can last around one to two weeks if cared for properly. Again, like roses, they can keep the recipient company for some time.

If you want lilies that will last, you want to get those not fully open yet. To add, you want to remove the pollens as soon as you see them. These steps will help give your lilies their best chance.


3. Alstroemeria


The alstroemeria is sometimes also called Peruvian lily. A fitting name, as it does look like a mini lily, do you not agree? Still, despite its name and appearance, this bloom is not a true lily. However, that is not a reason to say no to this bloom.

The alstroemeria does not only come in many unique shades and hues. It can also last around two weeks if cared for properly. With that, this flower’s lovely tint and tinge will not leave you immediately.

To keep this bloom around for as long as possible, you want to ensure you don’t forget when it’s time to replace its water. To add, you do not want to remove too many of its leaves.

Finally, make sure to keep it away from fresh produce. (Some fruits and vegetables release ethylene gas, and this substance can kill blooms.) While the last point applies to most – if not all – blooms, the alstroemeria is especially sensitive to such.


4. Freesias


Flowers often receive admiration for their appearances. However, as you might already know, that is not all there is to them. For one, they can also tickle noses!

The freesia is a long-lasting bloom to consider if you want something fragrant. It lasts around one to two weeks (an average of ten days) if cared for properly. As for the scent, it offers a lovely fruity fragrance that you can liken to strawberries!


5. Allium


Here, we talk about the opposites of freesias. While the previous bloom can pleasantly tickle noses, this next flower unpleasantly tickles noses unless you like the smell of onion. That is.

The allium is, literally, a ball of fun, though. It is a bloom that comes in lovely shades of pink, blue, and purple. (Sometimes, also white and yellow.) To add, it comes in a quirky shape. (Often, round. Too round.) However, that is not all there is to love.

It is one of the longest-lasting blooms on the list, as it lasts around two to three weeks if cared for properly. Drying them is also an option if you want to keep them around for more than three weeks.

While we did say that the allium smells like an onion, you don’t have to worry. The flowers don’t smell. It is the foliage. With that, it is unlikely to get a whiff of it, and when you do, it is a good sign to change the water.


6. Orchids


The orchid can flower for a long time and stay around for some time after cutting. This bloom can flower for three months and linger for another two to three weeks after cutting them if cared for properly. As you can see, the orchid is a long-lasting flower in more ways than one.

Orchids are another type of bloom sensitive to ethylene gas. Put this bloom as far away as possible from fruits and vegetables to give it a better chance of staying around longer.


7. Hypericum


The hypericum is another long-lasting bloom to consider if you want something unique. While this bloom might look like it belongs to plates more than vases, it is toxic. Trust us. You want the hypericum on your vases.

This bloom lasts for around two weeks if cared for properly. However, it might only lose its color afterward. You can keep it around for much longer if you don’t mind the slight fade of its hues.


8. Carnations


The carnation is one of the crowd favorites. It is one of the most attractive flowers on the market with its shape, size, and many colors it offers.

However, that is not the only thing to love. It is also one of the most long-lasting blooms on the list. It can keep you or its recipient company for around two to three weeks if cared for properly.


9. Delphiniums


The delphinium is a tall, long-lasting bloom. If cared for properly, it can last for around two weeks. It is ideal if you want some height in the arrangement you want to last long. However, there is one thing you want to keep in mind. This bloom is toxic. It might be best to avoid this one if you have furry members in your family.


10. Hydrangeas


The hydrangea has the shortest lifespan on this list, as it can only last around a week and a few days if cared for properly. However, there is a reason it made it to the list, of course!

If you want this bloom to stay around longer than a week, you can try drying it. The process is tricky as it could or could not work, but if it does, this bloom can stay with you for around a year.


11. Zinnias


The zinnia can keep you or its recipient company for up to three weeks if cared for properly.

Earlier, we suggested getting lilies that are not yet fully open. However, it is the opposite with these blooms. You want to get the ones already fully opened, as these flowers will no longer bloom once you cut them.


12. Sunflowers


The sunflower can keep you or its recipient’s place bright and sunny for around one to two weeks if cared for properly. This bloom differs from many others as you often want to avoid direct sunlight to keep them alive. However, the sunflower needs its light.


13. Chrysanthemums


The chrysanthemum can last for around two to four weeks if cared for properly. However, it is a demanding bloom. It needs lots of extra TLC if you want it to stay around for as long as possible. For one, you do not want to forget about trimming it. With that, don’t forget to go for those with long stems.

Often, this bloom gets crowned as the longest-lasting bloom. While it lasts longer than many other blooms, that is not true. There is a bloom that can last way longer than the mum. Let’s head on to our last flower for that.


14. Anthuriums


Finally, we have the anthurium, the king (or queen) of the long-lasting flowers. The anthurium is not the most appealing flower on the list. However, it can beat all the others in the battle of time as this bloom can last around six weeks if cared for properly!

Things to Keep in Mind for Making Flowers Last Long

As you might have noticed, again and again, we emphasized that the blooms on this list can only reach a particular point if they are cared for properly. As we went along, we threw in some tips and suggestions for caring for the blooms.

However, don’t forget the general ones like using a clean vase, changing the water, and trimming the stem.

Not all flowers will last long, but if you want any bloom to have a chance of being around as long as possible, you want to give them some TLC. Always keep the basics in mind. While they may not appear to do much, they will help in the long run.

Final Words

Are you still wondering what flowers last the longest? Hopefully, not! Whether you want to give some blooms to someone or add some new floras to your garden, we hope this list was able to help you.

Blooms are pretty little things, but they’re not always easy to understand. However, if you want to know more about them, we can help you with that. For your other questions and concerns, you can go ahead and check out our other talks!

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