30 Types of Lotus Flowers (With Pictures)

Lotus flowers are one of the most popular plants in the world. They are perennial, aquatic plants that date back thousands of years. They are found in many different countries across Asia, Africa, America, and more. Because they grow in various locations, the list of the types of lotus flowers is extensive!

Here are 30 different types of lotus flowers you can plant in your garden:

1. Ittenshikai Lotus

Ittenshikai Lotus

Simple and elegant—these are the two words that best describe the Ittenshikai Lotus. It is a delicate and simple-looking flower but it has more than that! Its details are something to watch out for.

The Ittenshikai Lotus has white petals with light pink edges. It belongs to the cupped type. It’s a fantastic match to exotic types of lotus flowers (Magnificent Lotus or Carolina Queen).


2. American Lotus

American Lotus

The American Lotus, with the scientific name Nelumbo lutea, is among the most popular types of lotus flowers. This flower resembles a water lily, but the key difference is its uncut blue-green round leaves.

While some love these in their ponds, it’s an aquatic native wildflower common in wetland habitats! The American Lotus has two color variations: white and yellow. Each flower has about 20 petals, with bowl-shaped leaves.


3. Angel Wings

Angel Wings

The Angel Wings or Nelumbo nucifera are round, usually white lotus flowers in a simple star shape. This type of lotus flower blossoms from July to September. They can spread more than ten inches wide! Angel Wings have pointy petals with strong foliage. They also have a strong stem, growing well in tubs or small ponds.


4. Alba Grandiflora Lotus

Alba Grandiflora Lotus

The Alba Grandiflora is a type of lotus flower with a height that reaches up to four feet. It can span for about two feet! Also known as Asiatic, it has a large bloom that springs with a fresh and lovely fragrance. The Alba Grandiflora lotus has pea-green foliage. The flower is usually pink with a single stem.


5. Perry’s Giant Sunburst

Perry’s Giant Sunburst

Another large type of lotus flower is Perry’s Giant Sunburst. This type grows approximately four to six feet tall. It has large, cupped, yellow flowers that are very showy and fragrant. Perry’s Giant Sunburst is one of the prettiest types of lotus flowers that are yellow, big, and beautiful.


6. Gui Li Lotus

Gui Li Lotus

Gui Li Lotus stands out from the many types of lotus flowers. It is bright, brilliant red known as the Magnificent Lotus. Many believe that the Gui Li Lotus signifies fortune and prosperity. It has a single petal with golden receptacles. It has a yellow center that makes the overall look of the Gui Li vibrant and splendid.


7. Kermesina Lotus

Kermesina Lotus

The Kermesina Lotus is an aquatic plant with fragrant and majestic flowers. It grows well in ponds or tubs. It has a light pink flower about three to six feet above the water. The Kermesina lotus is approximately two feet wide. It looks pretty simple with round leaves and quaint, dazzling pink petals!


8. Red Lotus of Yushan

Red Lotus of Yushan

The Red Lotus of Yushan has about 30 petals. It has a double flower in a stunning red to pink color. The petals might have a slightly coarse texture.

The Red Lotus of Yushan blooms best from July to late August. Some lotus enthusiasts believe it symbolizes romance, affection, love, and care. The Red Lotus of Yushan is about two feet high.


9. White Fairy Lotus

White Fairy Lotus

White Fairy Lotus is a type of flower from China. It is considered the number one lotus in the country. Its petals are white with pink tips that are remarkable. It is a tiny, alluring flower with petals that curl upward and a yellow center, standing about 30 inches high. Its flowering period starts early in the season.


10. Dancing Phoenix Lotus

Dancing Phoenix Lotus

The Dancing Phoenix Lotus is a single large flower. It is a type with creamy white petals that feature a pink picotee. They call this lotus “dancing” because of its distinct form that catches people’s attention. This type is attractive for those whose favorite is the classic lotus. They can have single or a few petals.


11. Sunflower Lotus

Sunflower Lotus

The Sunflower Lotus is a deep red type of lotus flower. It has an elegant look with beautiful, wide petals. It is a vibrant and cheerful lotus you can easily grow on your patio.

Because of their beauty, they can catch anyone’s eyes! The Sunflower Lotus blooms best from June to September. This very desirable Sunflower Lotus needs full sun. They grow about five feet in height.


12. Evening Shower Lotus

Evening Shower Lotus

The Evening Shower Lotus is among the favorite types of lotus flowers. This elegant flower has a mix of pink and yellow throughout its pets. The Evening Shower is a bowl lotus that has opalescent colors. It presents as a cheerful, bright, and mesmerizing double pink flower. It has an indulging and delicate lotus fragrance.


13. Tower of Day and Night Lotus

Tower of Day and Night Lotus

Another type of tall lotus flower is the Tower of Day and Night. This type of flower showcases shades of red and pink. It has hundreds of beautiful petals that will stun you with its beauty! This lotus flower is a multi-petal one. Tower of Day and Night Lotus’ feature is its stellar red petals.


14. Taoxi Flying Snow Lotus

Taoxi Flying Snow Lotus

The Taoxi Flying Snow is an elegant type of lotus flower that has “flying” petals. It is a medium-sized lotus with single, natural white petals. It’s more than a plain and simple lotus flower. You can gaze at The Taoxi Flying Snow Lotus for your eyes’ pleasure! It symbolizes purity of mind, beauty, fertility, and wealth.


15. Golden Monkey Lotus

Golden Monkey Lotus

The Golden Monkey Lotus is a single flower with thin, yellow petals. It is a Chinese lotus that showcases a unique shape and a distinct versicolor. Its petal shape stands out from other types of lotus flowers. They are long, slender, and thin. The Golden Monkey Lotus begins blooming early in the season.


16. Green Maiden Lotus

Green Maiden Lotus

Green Maiden Lotus is perfect for those who are starting a pond hobby. This type of lotus flower is easy to grow. It has pink to yellow petals with a green undertone. It’s luminescent and has a cup-shaped bloom.

The Green Maiden Lotus grows about one to three feet tall. It’s a hardy water lotus with leaves approximately 15 to 20 cm wide. They make an excellent choice for small ponds and water gardens.


17. Parrot’s Beak

Parrot’s Beak

Parrot’s Beak is a distinct type of lotus flower. It is called Lotus berthelotii. It is called such because it has orange-red flowers, resembling the said species.

Parrot’s Beak is often used as a summer container filler. They are also great as a border or trailing plant. The Parrot’s Beak is a perennial type of flower with a foliage color of gray or silver.


18. Nail Red Bowl Lotus

 Nail Red Bowl Lotus

Next on our list of lotus flowers is the Nail Red Bowl Lotus. This type of bloom has a deep red color. It has flowers higher than its leaves.

It looks blooming and attractive because of its red petals and yellow center. The flowers are medium to large. Nail Red Bowl Lotus is considered a heavy bloomer. It is perfect to brighten your garden or pond during summertime.


19. Yellow Lotus of The Shine

Yellow Lotus of The Shine

Yellow Lotus of The Shine is a hybrid lotus flower. It was discovered in 1968 and developed as the first generation of the Ancient Chinese and Virginian Lotus breeding. The Yellow Lotus of The Shine has white to pink petals with a vibrant yellow center. It can reach about a foot in height. For some, this flower symbolizes purity.


20. Carolina Queen Lotus

Carolina Queen Lotus

Carolina Queen Lotus is a garden head-turner. This type of flower is beautiful and mesmerizing. It has warm, glowing pink petals and a yellow center with a subtle touch of white. It’s spectacular as it is! This type of flower is perfect for medium to large ponds. It grows about four to six feet in height.


21. Green Star Lotus

Green Star Lotus

The Green Star Lotus is a perennial favorite. It has a single-petal flower in an elegant and graceful white color, with a light blush of green on its outer edges. The plant may look simple, but it blooms with its stellar and crisp details! The lotus flower has a lime-green center with golden stamens. Green Star Lotus is a feast for your eyes!


22. Debbie Gibson Lotus

Debbie Gibson Lotus

Debbie Gibson Lotus is a big type of flower. It is an excellent option for small and large pots and ponds with simple flowers. Debbie Gibson Lotus has light yellow, cream, or lemon petals. It has a tall stem, and it is hardy and free-flowing. In 1998, it originated as a hybrid from Perry Slocum.


23. Feng Wu Lotus

Feng Wu Lotus

Feng Wu Lotus is a light pink, medium-sized flower. It is versi color with a blooming and fresh look, making it an excellent addition to beautifying your garden. Feng Wu Lotus is perfect for small container water gardens and ponds. Its size is about 30 to 60 cm tall, with leaves about 15 to 20 cm wide. Its flowers range from 10 to 15 cm.


24. Mini Chu Lady Lotus

Mini Chu Lady Lotus

Mini Chu Lady Lotus is a micro versicolor lotus with white petals and a yellow base. It is perfect for small pots. Some pond hobbyists plant them on containers about 20 inches.

Although very small, Mini Chu Lady Lotus is an elegant and sophisticated addition to your backyard! It is also one of the types of lotus flowers that are bountiful bloomers.


25. Momo Botan Lotus

Momo Botan Lotus

Momo Botan Lotus is a mini lotus flower. It is a dwarf flower growing about one to two inches in shallow water. It was one of the first lotus types introduced from Asia to America.

The semi-dwarf Momo Botan Lotus are excellent bloomers. They produce deep pink flowers with over a hundred petals. They’re attractive, making them a showstopper in every garden!


26. Rosea Plena

Rosea Plena

If you love pink lotus flowers, the Rosea Plena is a lovely pick. This flowering aquatic plant has fragrant petals approximately four feet above the water surface. This type of flower is about four to ten inches wide, with double pink color. It is a large-sized plant perfect for large pots and ponds.


27. Tinh de Lotus

Tinh de Lotus

Tinh de Lotus is one of Vietnam’s most treasured lotus flower varieties. It is called “Calming the King.” it is a rare flower that tolerates muddy ponds in Hanoi’s Gia Lam district. It has delightful petals with a strong, beautiful scent. It blooms best in mid to late summer. Tinh de Lotus’ petals have uniquely striking petals.


28. Celestial Lotus

Celestial Lotus

Celestial Lotus is a type of flower with round leaves and tall stalks that grow about six feet and ten inches wide. This attractive lotus flower is native to the Malidis’ arctic landscape. As the name implies, the petals look like stars. According to some, the Celestial Lotus flowers represent Arctic dwellers.


29. Chawan Basu Lotus

Chawan Basu Lotus

Chawan Basu Lotus is a popular semi-dwarf free-flowing lotus. It is perfect for container gardening and small ponds. The blossoms are about four to six inches wide. Chawan Basu Lotus rises about two to three feet tall, about 50 to 70 cm. The flowers look simple and delicate with a pink edge and cupped shape.


30. Little Green House Lotus

Little Green House Lotus

Little Green House Lotus is a simple yet elegant type of multi-petal lotus. It has lush green leaves with yellow to snowy white petals and green tips. The plant is considered a true bowl lotus. Little Green House Lotus is perfect for no-hole containers. All in all, it is tropical-looking and beautiful!

Final Thoughts

Because lotus flowers grow in many countries, there are many types of lotus flowers across the globe. They vary according to their size, petal shape, and adaptability. Some also say that these flowers have symbolic meanings, too! We hope our list has helped you, especially if you’re a new pond hobbyist!

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