20 Flowers That Starts With K (with Pictures)

Flowers are beautiful things that you can see everywhere. They bring colors and life to the surroundings. Some may use it as a decoration in their room, a gift, or even medicine for some people.

As you walk home, you are probably thinking of the name of the flowers you saw on your way home! Maybe you can see some of these flowers in your house, or even on your streets. Below is the list of 20 flowers that starts with K.

1. Kalanchoe


First on the list is the Kalanchoe. It is a tropical succulent that can only survive outdoors in warm climates. Kalanchoe needs at least eight hours of sunlight and does not need water when its soil is not yet dry.

It will be best if you care extra carefully for this flower since its delicate branches can go off quickly. Most colors for this type of flower are pink, scarlet, yellow, and salmon.


2. Kaffir Lily

Kaffir Lily

Kaffir Lily is a beautiful plant with a color of bright orange. You will probably be mesmerized when you see one because of its petal’s trumpet shape and yellow-centered flowers.

Kaffir Lily has different colors, such as red, yellow, and white, but the most popular of them that you can probably see everywhere is bright orange. You can see them bloom during springtime.


3. Kerria


Kerria is a Japanese flower that is under the family of Rose. This flower mainly grows in the southern and central parts of China, Korea, and Japan. It can grow up to 9 feet wide and 7 feet tall.

Kerria is known for its yellow color, which can captivate your eyes. Because of its arching stems, Kerria is an excellent plant that often resembles its yellow petals, a rose.


4. Kunzea


If you want a plant that symbolizes pure energy and power, Kunzea is an excellent plant. This type of flower has over 40 species under the family of Myrtaceae and can often be seen natively in Australia and New Zealand.

Kuzea has five petals clustered together, five sepals, and prominent stamens. Many insects and birds love these flowers since Kunzea is rich in nectar.


5. Kankung (Ipomoea)

Kankung (Ipomoea)

Kangkung is a unique type of flower that symbolizes love or mortality. It has different varieties with more than 500 species all in all. You can see this type of flower mainly as a decoration in front of houses or gates.

Kangkung offers showy and beautiful tube-shaped flowers in different colors. Some Kangkung flowers are used in other countries to combat diabetes, hypertension, cancer, and kidney ailments.


6. Knautia (Macedonica)

Knautia (Macedonica)

This type of flower often lives short than other flowers. It grows and spreads 2 feet. Knautia mainly blooms during summer and fall from July to September.

The standard color of this flower is deep purplish red. Knautia flowers are not intricate to take care of. It just requires a medium shade, moist soil, and a temperature that ranges from 14 degrees Celcius to 27 degrees Celcius.


7. Kyushu Meadow Rue

Kyushu Meadow Rue

Kyushu Meadow Rue is a purplish flower that can grow from 9 to 12 inches and spread over 17 inches. This flower is commonly known as Dwarf Meadow Rue, which can be found near the window, on lawns, and outside the house.

It blooms mainly during spring and summer. Kyushu Meadow Rue is a sweetly scented flower that can attract different types of butterflies and bees.


8. Keli Flower

Keli Flower

The eighth type of flower that starts with the letter K is the Keli Flower. This type of flower is primarily popular among decorations outside the house.

It has a tropical feel because of its large leaves and flowers that look like an orchid. This flower symbolizes glory and power because of its bold statement. In some cultures, 4000 years ago, Keli Flower was used as a food source since its rhizomes are edible.


9. Kniphofia


Kniphofia, commonly known as Red Hot Poker, is sometimes used as medicine. They are used to treat chest disorders and abdominal cramps. They symbolize as good fortune.

The standard colors of this type of flower are red, orange, cream, and yellow. Kniphofia has different varieties and can attract butterflies and hummingbirds, which causes the flowers to be popular. They are often found in Africa and are sometimes called Torch Lillies because of their shape.


10. Kolkwitzia


Kolkwitzia is the type of flower that symbolizes grace and beauty. It is a rare flower that does not have an invasive characteristic. Usually blooms during spring and summer and can grow up to 3 meters. People mostly call this a beauty bush since it grows like a shrub. Kolkwitizia is a bell-shaped flower that has pinkish and white blooms.


11. Kangaroo Paw

Kangaroo Paw

The Kangaroo paw is a flower with long green leaves with a kangaroo-like shape of leaves. It usually attracts hummingbirds and surrounding birds. Its leaves have a pattern that has a length of 40 to 60 centimeters. Kangaroo Paw usually blooms between spring and fall. The Kangaroo Paw can be found in Australia.


12. Kalmia


Another flower that starts with K is Kalmia. It is a shrub-type flower commonly found in North America Eastern Part. It is known for its different names, such as ivy bush, mountain ivy, American laurel, Calico Bush, and other words.

This type of flower can grow for like 25 feet and blooms during summer and spring. This beautiful flower has dots of pink with its white color.


13. Kiss-me-Over-the-Garden-Gate


Kiss-me-over-the-garden-gate is a unique type of flower with a hint of pink in which the flowers cluster and the stems are slender. It can grow from mid-summer until fall from 3 to 8 feet tall. This type of flower is fertile that needs full sun but also can tolerate soils that are not rich.


14. King Protea

King Protea

King Protea will probably be the type of flower that can mesmerize you with its unique shape and beauty. It is a heather-like flower that uses as an ornamental plant. King Protea can commonly find it in South Africa.

King Protea is a flower that produces white and pink that usually blooms during spring to early summer. It can grow up to 1 meter tall and 1 meter wide. This flower symbolizes uniqueness, courage, and diversity.


15. Kiss me not flower

Kiss me not flower

Kiss me not flower is famous as a decorative plant outside houses. It is a type of flower that looks like lips trying to kiss and has a red color. It is famous for its name, Crown of thorns, because of the thorns on its stem.

They bloom almost the whole year except in January and February. Unlike other flowers, the Kiss me not flower’s growth rate is slow and most of the time blooms during winter, summer, and spring.


16. King’s Spear

King's Spear

King’s Spear, also known as Jacob’s rod, is a fragrant yellow flower that blooms in late spring and summer. It grows for about 12 to 18 inches in a star shape petals. King’s Spear can be found in Mediterranean Region. This type of flower is perfect for rocky gardens since it survives in places like draining soils with rocky slopes and full sun.


17. Kobus Magnolia

Kobus Magnolia

Kobus Magnolia or Magnolia Kobus is a type of flower shrub that blooms for a while. This type of flower can also be called a tree since it will spread when it matures.

Kobus Magnolia was discovered in Japan that usually blooms during the month of spring. It is a white flower plant with a hint of pink. Its tree can grow tall for like 33 feet and spread with that same length.


18. King’s Mantle

King's Mantle

Another flower that starts with the letter K is King’s Mantle. It is an evergreen shrub that usually grows in many places in North America, South Africa, and Europe. King’s Mantle can be found in pools or near marshes.

It is called King’s Mantle since the flower of this plant resembles the Crown of a King. King’s Mantle could be a great decoration outside your house or garden since it has a purple flower that can improve your place.


19. Kidney Vetch

Kidney Vetch

Kidney Vetch is a small flower that has a yellow color with unique features. Its flower sits on the hairy calyx that gives the flower woolly cushions.

It usually blooms from the month of June to September and can spread on bare ground. Kidney Vetch is popular with its yellow color but has different colors, such as bright red and orange. This flower can grow up to 30 centimeters tall.


20. Knapweed


The last on the list is Knapweed, also known as Hardheads or Black Knapweed. It is a popular and favorite by pollinating insects because of its good quality of nectar. Common Knapweed can be a slightly spherical flower head with pink, purple, and white colors. It usually grows during June and September and is commonly found in Britain.



These 20 flowers that start with K are beautiful. Most of them have their own uniqueness regarding how they look, shape, and are used. Some are hard to grow, some need a lot of care, and some can develop independently. If you want a collection of flowers that starts with K, this blog might be a great help.

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