Black Dahlia Flowers: Facts, Meaning, & Care Tips

As time passed, black dahlia flowers became famous because of their alluring, elegant, and attractive colors. Most people like them to grow on their balconies and gardens. After all, these flower buds would add a lot of spice and boldness.

Does the black dahlia flower catch your attention? If you like the passion and emotion behind every dark petal of the black dahlia, this article is you.

Everything you like to know about the black dahlia flower is here. So, spare us some of your precious time. Together, let’s explore the wonders and mysteries behind the black dahlia flower.

Black Dahlia Flower

Black Dahlia is a wide variety of graceful flower blooms, the dahlia. While this flower is often referred to as black, its petals appear in burgundy. Under certain instances, the dark red petals became almost black.

In general, the black dahlia flower stands as a symbol of dark and negative emotions. People associated the flower with feelings of sadness and betrayal. But on the other way around, these blooms speak louder, more solid, and intense emotions.

History of the Black Dahlia Flower

History of the Black Dahlia Flower

People first see the dahlia flowers in Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Central American countries. Since the dahlia flowers possess a hollow stem, the Aztec people refer to them as “Coco Xochitl,” or cane of water.

Even though the dahlia flowers are bitter plants, people initially use them to feed the animals. In 1802, a botanist named Doctor Thibaus introduced the dahlia flowers to France. Later, Andreas Dahl, a Swedish botanist, gave the flower its name “Dahlia.”

Black dahlia flowers belong to the family of Dahlia. Black dahlia flowers are only a variety having dark red flowers. So, we can trace the history of black dahlia flowers to their mother plant, the dahlia.

Characteristics of the Black Dahlia Flower

Characteristics of the Black Dahlia Flowers

Like other flowers, black dahlia possesses different characteristics. Do these flower blooms spark your curiosity? Come along, and let’s talk about its name, size, family, and varieties.

  • Name: The black dahlia is not a black flower despite its name. Instead, this flower has dark red petals, which appear in different instances. Because of this, when you look up in the American Dahlia Society, you will not find a black dahlia. Instead, you will find dark red.
  • Size: The size of black dahlia flowers depends on two things: variety & species. But overall, the maximum size of the black dahlia flower is between three feet to five feet tall.
  • Family: Black dahlia flowers belong to the Asteraceae As you catch a glimpse of these plants, you’ll realize that they grow in underground tubers and bloom in warm-weather conditions.
  • Varieties: There are different kinds of black dahlia flowers. Because of this, you’ll find black dahlias in various sizes and shapes. And yes, stay tuned because we will discuss this in the middle part of the article.

Meaning & Symbol of the Black Dahlia Flower

Meaning & Symbol of the Black Dahlia Flower

Maybe now, you’ll realize that black dahlia flowers are not one of the common plants in the garden. Unlike other lively and colorful plants, black dahlia flowers carry a symbol within them. In general, black dahlia flowers imply death, sadness, mourning, and darkness.

Let us tell you a story relating to the black dahlia flower. In 1947, a brutal murder case happened in Los Angeles, killing the aspiring actress Elizabeth Short. At this time, the media refer to Short as the Black Dahlia.

Since then, people have connected the black dahlia flowers as symbols of mystery, brutality, despair, and power. While most flowers are lively, playful, cheerful, and colorful, black dahlia flowers mean the opposite.

Indeed, the popular belief about black dahlia flowers always shows negative emotions of sadness and betrayal. But there is always another angle, way, or perspective in looking at these dark-colored flowers. Most of the time, the black dahlia flower possessing a dark purple color represents power, ambition, and passion.

Kinds of Black Dahlia Flowers

Dahlia flowers have hundreds of varieties. Most of these plants have a mixed blend of colors. But only in rare conditions could you see a dahlia flower bloom into a powerful, dark color.

Due to this, there are only rare kinds of black dahlia flowers. But this article will show you the most popular varieties of black dahlia flowers. Here they are:

Black Embers Dahlia

Black Embers Dahlia

Black embers dahlia is the one possessing a lighter shade than other black dahlia flowers. These flowers produced deep red shade flowers that are even darker in the center. On top of that, the size of these flowers is much smaller.

Black Satin Dahlia

Black Satin Dahlia

When you see the black satin dahlia, you’ll almost see no difference between these flowers and the black embers. These blooms are much the same. However, the black satin dahlia is somewhat more miniature in size. Its diameter is about five inches in height.

Black Jack Dahlia

Black Jack Dahlia

Unlike the previous varieties of black dahlia flowers, the blackjack dahlia has a giant size. People often call them the dinner plate variety because these blooms can grow to one foot. In addition, blackjack dahlia has darker petals, making them almost look black.

Arabian Night Dahlia

Arabian Night Dahlia

Arabian Night Dahlia is an award-winning variety of dahlia flowers. People highly recognized and regarded these dark flower blooms.

If you still haven’t seen an Arabian night dahlia, you’ll maybe take them as black embers or black satin dahlia. However, this kind possesses even smaller petals, four inches in diameter.

Care Guide for the Black Dahlia Flower

Although some people often see black dahlia flowers as a symbol of sadness, we cannot deny that they are attractive flowers. Mixing and matching these blooms with other playful, colorful flowers will make your garden unique and beautiful.

Besides, black dahlia flowers have alluring, dark blooms that show strength in character, power, ambition, and passion. So, we can see these flowers showcasing solid and positive emotions. And who would not be curious about these blooms, right?

The truth is black dahlia flowers are one of the most attractive flowers you can grow in your gardens or balconies. Plus, you will soon consider them as an easy-to-care plant.

What are the Essential Tips to Grow and Take Care of Black Dahlia Flower?

At first, you may find taking care of these blooms challenging and overwhelming. But don’t worry. In this article write-up, we included some golden tips you need to know to grow and take good care of black dahlia flowers. Go on and read them!


Black dahlia flowers require much water to grow, bloom, and mature. Overall, the watering schedule for these plants depends on their size. The best way is to water these black dahlia flowers at least once or twice weekly.

Of course, please check if the topsoil has already been dried before you water them again. And here’s a little trivia. Dahlias cannot grow in regions where the earth is wet.


Black dahlia flowers are summer plants. These blooms love the shiny, bright rays of the sun. So, if you want your black dahlias to grow, blush, and dance, pick an area where they will receive the most sunlight.

One study says that black dahlia flowers need at least seven hours of direct sunlight every day. And even black dahlia flowers can handle and stay under a bit of shade. They will not grow and produce flowers when exposed for a long time.


Usually, black dahlia flowers do not need additional nutrients. But still, it is not harmful to use fertilizers. From time to time, black dahlia flowers would receive powerful benefits from regular fertilizers.

But first, you need to remember this thing. If you want a bunch of healthy black dahlia flowers, it will be helpful to pick the proper fertilizer. Your choice of fertilizer is an important thing. To be sure, you might want to consult a plant expert to encourage the flowering of your black dahlia.


Once you have a healthy black dahlia flower, you’ll see that these plants can grow up to five feet tall. For sure, these blooms will need staking. Staking will ensure that the black dahlia flower remains upright and prevents its stems from cracking.


Topping, you need to get rid of the top bud of black dahlia flowers. But please be careful. You only need to remove the bud, but not its leaves. Topping the black dahlia flower will give it more energy, resulting in a bushier plant.

Do you like to grow dahlia flowers in your garden at home? Watch and enjoy this video.

Final Thoughts

It may be true that black dahlia flowers are not the usual blooms you’ll see on some balconies and gardens. Most often than not, people connect these plants with feelings of darkness, mourning, and sadness. But the truth is, black dahlia flowers are an attractive bloom that can stand out when you blend them with colorful flowers.

Do you think it’s time to step away from bright-colored flowers? The black dahlia flower may be the plant you are looking for. And yes, now it’s the time to discover the beauty and positive emotions behind the petals of the black dahlia.

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