August Birth Flowers: Origin, History, Meaning, Symbol & Colors

The month of August is blessed with two graceful and beautiful flowers, the gladiolus and the poppy. These two blooms are more than their petals and beyond their pollens.

Gladiolus and poppy flowers hold powerful meanings and symbols. What’s more impressive is each color of these two August birth flowers accounts for different representations.

Like birthstones, we can also find birth flowers assigned to every month of the year. Birth flowers were first introduced during the 18th century. At present, we can learn about the language of birth flowers.

Do you like to know the language of August’s birth flowers? If your answer is yes, here we come! This article explains everything you must know about August’s birth flowers, from their origin and history to their symbol, meaning, and colors.

What are the Birth Flowers of August?

August’s natural birth flowers are composed of the gladiolus and the poppy in the majestic world of bloom and flowers. Gladiolus, with its lively and beautiful petals, is the official and primary flower of August’s birth month. Meanwhile, with its fascinating appearance, the poppy is recognized as the second August birth flower.

What is Gladiolus?

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Gladiolus are colorful summer flowers known for their tall spike and sharp, sword-like leaves. They are the primary birthday flowers for August. Gladiolus primarily grows and blooms during the middle of the summer to late autumn.

Because its leaves are shaped like a sword, gladiolus is known as sword lilies. Some people even refer to them as corn lilies. Gladiolus is a symbol of honor, respect, reverence, and integrity according to the language of flowers. This August flower also stands for strength of character and sincerity.

Gladiolus is available in beautiful colors, from light pink to solid red or purple, with white hues and shades. These colors include green, burgundy, pink, lavender, purple, white, yellow, and rose.

Do you want to learn about the gladiolus August birth flower? Enjoy this video.

Where does Gladiolus Originate?

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Gladiolus belongs to the Iris family. These flowers originate and grow in the tropical and Southern parts of Africa. People can also find gladiolus flowers in the Mediterranean and the Middle East.

The word “gladiolus” comes from the Latin term “gladius,” which means “sword,” and this relates to the sword-like shape of these flowers. Once you catch a glimpse of the gladiolus flower, you’ll be able to see that it has a long, skinny form. Due to its shape, people often refer to these gladiolus flowers as sword lilies.

The African gladiolus flower first came to Europe during the 18th century. What’s more exciting and impressive is that the gladiolus flower is not only used for decoration purposes. These groups of plants have medicinal value.

Way back 16th century, our ancestors used the parts of gladiolus plants like the seed pods, roots, and flowers as remedies. These plants are famous for curing physical ailments.

This modern-day gladiolus flower has over 300 known species. Most of these gladiolus plants are native to Africa’s south and central part. And even more, gladiolus flowers come in a broad palette of hybrids and colors available worldwide.

Gladiolus Flowers: Meaning & Symbol

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Gladiolus flowers bear strong meanings. In general, these August birth flowers symbolize integrity, honor, and strength. When gladiolus flowers are offered and presented as a special gift, it represents love at first sight. The giver’s heart is full of deep love.

In Ancient Rome, we know that courageous gladiators would give their best, even at the expense of their lives, to survive and win battles. Once these gladiators become victorious and emerge as winners, they are rewarded and covered with gladiolus flowers. So, gladiolus flowers serve as a badge of moral character and excellence.

Most often than not, since gladiolus flowers hold powerful symbols of infatuation and remembrance, these beautiful blooms are also recognized as the 40th Anniversary flower. Further, since these August birth flowers play an immense role in traditional medicine, they have become a representation of healing.

Gladiolus Flowers: Colors & Representation

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Beyond these representations and symbols, gladiolus flowers embrace other meanings depending on their color. Gladiolus flowers in red hues symbolize passionate love, affection, and romance.

Pink gladiolus flowers represent compassion. Meanwhile, yellow gladiolus blooms are a great symbol of joy, friendship, and positivity. On the other hand, these birth flowers in August are also available in shades of purple. And that means fortune, royalty, and beauty.

But gladiolus flowers that come in the white shade mean purity and innocence. That’s why it’s not impossible to see these blooms in wedding flowers and arrangements.

How do you Take Good Care of Gladiolus Flowers?

Do you want to grow gladiolus flowers? For our suggestions, the excellent way to begin is with more extensive, fuller corms. Gladiolus flowers bloom perfectly well in both partial shade and full sun.

On top of that, well-drained, sandy soil is the best to use. And don’t forget, add some compost for a bit of magic. Doing this would have an overall benefit to the gladiolus flowers. Lastly, you don’t need to cut or trim these August birth flowers during their season.

What is Poppy?

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August’s second birth flower, Poppy, has beautiful, large blooms that can be seen in many colors. Poppies are famous plants recognized for their fantastic colors.

In general, poppy flowers’ blooming season is from June to September. You will find them in abundance once August comes by. You might be thinking that poppies are solid red with single petals. But the truth is that poppy August flowers have different forms, shapes, and colors.

For instance, the carnation poppy has fantastic petals on its head. On the other hand, the Californian poppy has a single petal with a bright orange color.

What makes poppies even more unique is that they are considered national flowers in different countries around the globe. Belgium’s national flower is Red Poppy. In addition, these August blooms are the national flowers of Albania and Poland.

On the other hand, since the blue poppy grows wildly on Tibet’s slopes, this flower is recognized as the national flower of Bhutan. And on another note, the California poppy is the USA state flower of California.

Nowadays, poppy flowers have over 120 species. Poppies are indeed impressive.

Where does Poppy Originate?

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Historically, poppy flowers originate from Asia and Europe. These second birth flowers of August have a rich, historical culture found in different countries across the globe.

Back then, the Romans and Greeks respect the dead with poppy flowers. Because of that, poppies mean remembrance. In Western culture, we often find poppies during Memorial Day in the United States.

It is believed that the first record of poppy flowers can be traced back to the 12th century. The legend says these blooms spring in areas destroyed by the war.

In particular, people believed that poppies had multiplied during the battles of Genghis Khan. And yes, you got me. That’s why these August birth flowers are closely connected to the idea of death.

Did the origin of poppy flowers spark your curiosity? Come on and watch this short video about the history of this second August birth flower.

Poppy Flowers: Meaning & Symbol

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Poppy flowers embrace everything from peace and serenity to death. Most people believe that poppy flowers hold a double-edged symbol. On the one hand, it represents death and eternal sleep. While on the other hand, these blooms also mean an end.

These second August birth flowers are put on tombstones to honor departed soldiers’ souls. These flowers are often etched with the silent words “Rest in Peace.”

In this present time, people use poppy flowers for military remembrances. Overall, these August birth flowers are symbols of dreams and sleep.

Poppy Flowers: Colors & Representation

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Red poppies symbolize comfort, death, sacrifice, and remembrance. Red shades are often placed on fallen soldiers’ graves as a powerful way to remember them. Further, people often attributed the red ones to the blood of Jesus.

In Asian countries, red poppies represent good fortune, success, and passionate, romantic love. On the other hand, the pink shades of poppy flowers include restful sleep and compassion.

Orange poppy flowers stand for good health. Its joyful color makes it safe to connect yellow poppies with optimism and renewal. So, the next time you glimpse yellow poppies, it is a reminder to always look for the bright side of life.

White poppy flowers are the color of purity and innocence. It symbolizes renewal, restful sleep, and pleasant dreams. Meanwhile, while blue poppies are rare, this shade represents higher spiritual power and faith.

Purple poppy blooms represent imagination on the artistic and creative side.

How do you Take Good Care of Poppy Flowers?

Do poppy flowers spark your interest? To grow poppy flowers, you must remember a few things. Poppy flowers usually grow and blossom in well-drained soil under a full sun For the best and most effective results.

Final Thoughts

Have you enjoyed learning about the symbols and representations behind August’s natural birth flowers? While they may carry different meanings, gladiolus and poppy blooms represent loyalty, love, and friendship.

So, the next time you celebrate a party for August month, you can do so through the powerful language of August’s birth flowers.

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